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Practice Areas

Complex Civil Litigation

When faced with litigation, either as the Plaintiff or Defendant, you need an experienced litigator. Erin Gould has worked with some of the top litigators in Oregon and on complex, high conflict cases. She offers effective strategies for building and managing cases, presenting arguments to a judge or jury, and working professionally with opposing counsel to attempt a positive resolution.

Erin has experience working with state and federal judges. She knows the court systems from all sides and can provide you with a unique perspective and effective strategies for a positive result.

Employment Law

Federal and state employment laws and regulations are constantly changing. Rely on Erin E. Gould, LLC, to keep your employment documents, manuals, and policies up to date. Erin Gould is skilled at mitigating, trouble shooting, and managing conflicts between employers and employees.

General Counsel Services

Erin Gould will work closely with you as your general counsel on a variety of legal issues. Having a general attorney to reach out to when a question arises is a valuable resource for businesses, public entities, individuals, and families. An attorney who knows you, cares about you, and understands your history will help keep you protected from legal problems.

For Businesses

Businesses encounter a number of legal questions, from entity formation to partnership disputes, to transactions. Erin Gould can work with your business on all general legal issues.

For Public Entities

Public entities and those who interact with them need legal counsel on a variety of issues from employment law to procurement to government ethics. Erin Gould has experience dealing with state agencies, state regulations, and public officials. She can help navigate often difficult to understand government processes and procedures and problem solve to find solutions.

For Individuals

Erin Gould can assist with estate planning, insurance questions, land disputes, family law matters, and other personal legal issues most everyone encounters at some point in their life.